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I help clients lose weight and improve their health by guiding you into a lasting healthier lifestyle using my unique Climb program and simple nutrition testing. together we can get you feeling great and living your best life long into the future  –  John Foltz

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar? 

Obesity, Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog, Memory Loss, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes, Poor Libido, Erectile Disfunction, Anxiety, Chronic Stress, Palpitations, Sound or Smell Sensitivity, Cold Hands and Feet. I experienced every single one of these! In 2016 I a health scare landing me in the E.R. weighing 290lbs.,blood pressure through the roof, and pre-diabetic. Thus began the journey to fix my health. Over the next three years I lost over 90 lbs. and radically transformed my health. Today, I share the knowledge and science I learned during my journey so that I can help others create sustainable habits that promote overall health and wellbeing, and it all starts with mindset. The mind is incredibly powerful and our body and actions will follow our thinking.  I created a unique program called THE CLIMB to guide you through changing your thinking and creating healthy habits in 7 key areas of your life. Our goal is to guide you into lasting lifestyle change that will  have you living and feeling your best long into the future. Let’s get started! Click below to book a free discovery call and lets talk.

I don't believe in dieting because it just doesn't work. Real change must come from inside you and be a shift in the way you view yourself and your relationship with food, it all begins with our thinking. - John Foltz

You want a coach who has been there and knows what it's like to struggle and has gone through the process. 

Unlock your genomic insights.

Ever wonder why some people eat healthy and stick to a diet plan, yet still fail to lose weight? Or why some people can easily eat only one cookie while others have to eat the whole pack?

The answer could be in our genes. Knowing our unique genetic differences can give us an understanding of why our bodies act the way they do and what we can eat and do differently to help our bodies perform at their best. Yes, our genes can keep us from losing weight. Thankfully, we can often times overcome these genetic variations, by making informed diet and lifestyle choices, but we have to know what they are first.

Did you know all it takes is a simple cheek swab to unlock these insights and help you make informed diet, lifestyle, and environmental choices?  It’s like having a blueprint to your body providing you with vital information to guide and direct you in giving your body what it needs. I will walk you through your report  so you can see exactly where you can make changes to impact your health. This is why we call it Personalized Health. Book a Free 30 min. Discovery Call with me to learn more.

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I would love the opportunity to help you reach your health goals. Together we can figure out the pieces of the puzzle and create a personalized wellness plan just for you. Book a FREE 30 min. consultation call below to learn more about what we offer and see if we might be a good fit.